MIS303 – Tree Dismantling


A Minimum Industry Standard for Tree Support Systems


This standard covers the basics of tree dismantling, including rigging techniques, the use of a chainsaw in trees, and some fundamental concepts of rigging forces and rigging system design. 


Information on equipment inspection, site setup, pre-start checks, tree inspection, rope use, knot tying, the operation of chainsaws, tree felling and tree access is contained within the appropriate MISs for those work tasks.


About the MIS Series


This book is one in a series of Minimum Industry Standards (MIS) produced by Arboriculture Australia Ltd and the New Zealand Arboricultural Association in consultation with the national arboriculture community in both countries. These industry peer-reviewed documents provide a ‘body of knowledge’ which is shared by practitioners and can be used as the basis for training, dissemination of skills and professional development.



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