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The last year has seen both DMM and Rock Exotica release their own tool carabiner, both now fighting for a place in the Arborist equipment market against the ever popular Petzl Caritool.


DMM has release the Vault; a stylish, strong and secure option for tool attachment. I found it easy to attach to the harness with a single screw.  The gate opening isn't very wide but it is sleek so unlikely to catch on tools being attached.  The gate can be left unlocked or locked for safe tool storage, this minimises the risk of the gate snagging on anything.  I find it harder than the transPORTER to swap between the locked and unlocked mode.

The Rock Exotica transPORTER is a very similar tool carabiner however there are differences.  The locking and unlocking system has a simple button to push in to slide the gate to the locked or unlocked position, I find this much easier than the Vault.  The bent gate makes clipping tools easy and I like how it opens significantly wider.  It takes longer to attach to the harness, with 4 screws, but easy enough.

So where does this leave the Petzl Caritool?  I have used these for years and years.  They are cheap and I like the size, especially if clipping directly into the chainsaw handle.  The downside is I find the gate does get snagged on things occasionally and they aren't anywhere near as strong. Without a locking gate there is also always that chance you could lose your tools!



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